Client feedback

General Feedback:

Natalie creates welcoming and safe space with so much wisdom, patience and depth.  She welcomes and celebrates you for showing up to conversations, even in the most uncomfortable of feelings, shadows, vulnerabilities to verbalize, to witness your strengths, growths & medicines.  I’ve sat in circle with Natalie, and have witnessed her grounding and holding of sacred container, as encouraging all involved to maintaining heart centeredness, as deep breaths of reflections, truths and honesty take place. A fertile space for new growths and depths of heart.  She is a profound space holder, and anyone who comes to sit in circle with her, any size circle, from one on one, or a whole room, have come to meet with ancient medicine. – eLm, artist

My experience of both being in sacred space with Natalie and being supported by her is something very special to me. It is healing to be with someone with such high integrity, depth of care, authenticity, and compassion. Her awareness and ability to navigate nuances and dialogues that perhaps not everyone navigates so naturally and willingness to also invite Spirit into the space is noteworthy, I find. Most of all, I am grateful for the safety and love I feel when I am in her presence. – Sylvie

If I could describe Natalie’s energy in a visceral analogy, I would say she is the roots of an old growth tree upon a high cliff.  She is rooted and grounded while keeping watch in the most loving, gentle and honoring of ways.  She has a glowing heart that beams through her approachable gaze which steadily holds eye contact.  I met Natalie during an intense and vulnerable ancestral healing retreat.  During our week together I got to witness her hold space for many folks in various of ways, and I was honored to be held in her care in several instances.  In times of healing my shadow and/or feeling distraught, Natalie approached me and would ask if she could enter my space.  She would wait for an answer and then ask if she could touch my hand/back or give me a hug.  She honors boundaries and listens with her whole energetic self.  I witnessed her do this with others as well, in every interaction.  She is gentle but firm, wise yet humble.  I feel so grateful to have been held by her, and I highly recommend her as a spiritual coach, space holder and healer. – Xander, artist

Working with Natalie has improved my life profoundly. Her presence flows with grace and ease, yet offers a powerful capacity to cut through the mind’s defenses, reaching down into the heart of issues. It wasn’t always easy work, but I’ve healed and grown in many wonderful and unexpected ways. I’ve relearned how to laugh and cry, how to forgive and let go, how to identify my true goals and passions, all couched in the spirit of self-love and playful sincerity that Natalie embodies. She’s a warrior of love, and she’ll fight for you, wielding lifetimes of accumulated wisdom and a glorious smile. Highly recommend her services. —Jonathan

I would absolutely love to recommend my dear friend Natalie to you!  I was blessed to reconnect with Natalie in this lifetime a few years ago and immediately adored her.  That smile! That smile contains love. That smile is real. That smile is unconditional. That smile welcomes all into the circle. That smile believes in us.  Those that are greatly impacted by Natalie’s medicine, you’ll hear them say that she feels like home to them. She feels like home to me. But a healthy kind of home.  What we all long for when we long for home. It feels like Natalie. In other words, she sits close to source. She carries this immense spiritual power and also a tender heart which enables everyone to feel held.  And something, I feel, she’s especially skilled with is what the world needs so desperately, someone who’s able to hold tension in community and facilitate a dialogue between those that feel wronged by each other. Natalie is able to skillfully hold space for the transmutation of pain, the oppositional kind of pain.  And then before you know it people are hugging each other. Those that sat in polarity with each other are now recognizing they actually love each other. Their hug now is much deeper. The hug is a real hug. If somehow you’ve found yourself at Natalie’s healing hut, consider yourself very fortunate. You are in incredible hands with Natalie.  She is my soul sister and I love her. – Liv Mokai Wheeler, Kontomble Voice Diviner 

It is my honor and pleasure to recommend working with Natalie. She is a tremendously gifted and beautiful soul who has obviously arrived on this planet to be of service and shine the light of love on everyone she comes in contact with. The space she holds is nurturing and safe, she is a solid support and has been shaped in her wisdom through the hard work and perseverance she has had with her own healing and transformation. Experience is the best teacher. The technology she is tapped into is resourceful and very helpful which allows her to be in that support role in a pragmatic, grounded, connected and heart centered way. Most importantly, the way in which she carries herself in life and in her relationships is a reflection of the magic she has to offer.  I look forward to continue to work with Natalie and am excited for who choose to as well as they will remarkably benefit from it!  Natalie has very special allies she works with in the spirit realm and is a beautiful channel that allows her to work in a holistic way between the realms of the mind, heart, body, and spirit. – Sandra

I have immense respect for Natalie as a person and therapeutic practitioner.  She has a commitment to nature and indigenous healing practices that I haven’t seen anywhere else.  Please check out her work and contact her if you’re wanting to explore what she offers. – Shalini

Energy Workers and Practioners, I can’t say enough about how Natalie has helped me find my own voice past anger and isolation in ceremony and circle.  Because let’s be real, it happens. Chiqui

The Emotion Code testimonials:

With a candle glowing, and grounding chord anchored, Natalie was able to connect gently but deep. She held space for questions, concern, grief, and release. She was slow and deliberate in her session of Emotion Code healing, and I felt safe and very held. This session was done over the phone, across the country, but her energy is so expansive, I could feel her as if she was next to me. Natalie is a profound healer doing this work for many lifetimes. If you are seeking a person to be a safe space during your journey of self and ancestor healing, Natalie is who you are seeking. – in gratitude x.d. -artist

Oh my HEART! Thank you @tendingyourspirit for the incredible emotion code healing for my “heart wall.” I am breathing anew and rising to its expanded bandwidth✨ It always amazes me the depth with which we can go in connecting with this pulse. My heart literally has new dimensions🥰. I highly recommend connecting with Natalie. She is so gifted and wonderful to work with. I felt held every step of the way and afterwards. Ahhhhh, thanks again @tendingyourspirit for guiding me through this work so beautifully and with so much laughter! Mad respect and 💕! #tendingyourspirit#emotioncode#heartwall#liveyourlife#heartrefreshed- Esme

I feel way better!! Emotion code sessions with Natalie resolved stuck emotions I had around a traumatic experience. I love emotion code because it is effective, easy and uplifting. Natalie is amazing at holding safe space and clearing with her focused, deliberate, thoughtful language.  Her presence is medicine in itself. 

The experience of having my heart wall cleared was like a weight being lifted and my heart opening up. I feel consistently brighter and happier after completing those sessions with Natalie. 

Thank you! I’m deeply grateful to you for your impact on my life ❤️- Kristin

The Emotion Code & Negative Beliefs Clearing testimonials:

It has been some time since we have work together, about a year, and I wanted to share some things with you. I have some of the mantras that you gave me after The Emotion Code clearings and I have written them on a sheet of paper and I still use them after all this time. They are still accompanying me on my daily life, sometimes I put them away and sometimes I take them out. I read them out loud, I hold them in my heart and sometimes I use them when I meditate. I really love the power they carry inside and my life has really changed A LOT after these sessions and I’m really, really grateful. I just wanted to let you know. There are tears in my eyes as I say this to you. I just wanted to thank you. A huge wave of love and blessings to you. Have a wonderful day!- voice message transcribed from Stefanie Rausch

Program testimonials:

I participated in Natalie’s three-month program “Finding Your Voice” which focused on clearing/strengthening your voice. The course was set-up where every other week I and other women met in a group call facilitated by Natalie, and on the off weeks, I connected one-on-one with her. Immediately felt a shift in my strength, from vocalizing what I wanted without fear, to the literal sound of my voice. It seemed people were finally HEARING me.  I now sing louder, speak up and am not afraid to use my voice. It almost seems like an old lifetime where the fear existed. I can’t recommend Natalie enough and the beautiful experience. The emotion code/negative thought beliefs shot me lightyears ahead in my healing. I’m so happy to have invested in myself to work with such a powerful healer. Thank you Natalie! – Elizabeth

Ancestral Support Ritual:

A few months ago, my maternal grandfather passed away. He was about a 100 years old when he transitioned out of his biological form. Because my relationship with him was impacted by layers and layers of intergenerational trauma, my grief wasn’t able to flow with ease. Natalie supported me with her guidance and understanding of what is needed in the blockage of grief. During our ritual of helping my grandfather’s spirit transition, she facilitated a release of grief, energy & intention that opened up many layers of awareness & connection in me. She guided me in creating an ancestral altar that I can turn to for calling in all my ancestors who are well, and are able to support me in moving through my life with all its losses & struggles. This opening up of ancestral communication in myself could only have been supported by Natalie and her profoundly intuitive connection with the Spirit, and for that I am immensely grateful to her. – Shalini Rao

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