Programs and Monthly Circles

Natalie offers a range of different programs for groups of people to deepen their healing. She also loves to collaborate with other teachers & healers who are looking expand their offerings to community. If there is a program you are interested in and is not being offered at this time, please email and let us know.

Programs (Live and Recordings)

Navigating Conflict Program Video Library

Navigating Conflict is an online self-paced program that is broken down in four sections. This program was designed to support your healing around your relationship to conflict.

Click on the image above to learn more about the program.

The Emotion Code® for Daily Clearing Class Recording

An online Zoom class to share the ways to use The Emotion Code® as a daily practice as well as go over the flow. This is for folks wanting to have a consistent personal clearing practice. We will also participate in a 21-day daily clearing challenge and schedule a follow-up meeting to share our experiences. Click on the image to access the recording.

Current Monthly Online Gatherings & Collaborations

Collective Grief Clearing Circles

In my practice of tending to the shrine I was guided to make to the Ancient Ocean Goddess, it has become very clear how much grief is present and building up in the greater collective.  It feels like a pressure cooker that continues to buildup. It’s my prayer that we start to alleviate some of the buildup of grief so that the waters of the Otherworld can flow clearly and freely and we can anchor more harmony on this plane of existence we are co-creating together.

I will be utilizing The Emotion Code® as the energy clearing tool in this ritual that is guided by the Ancient Ocean Goddess. There is room for 13 people in each circle and we will be invoking the support of the Ancient Ocean Goddess, Mama Gaia, our Ancient Ancestors, and our guides and guardians. I ask that you bring a bowl of water with salt, a candle, and offerings to these Spirits.

As a bonus offering, K.K. Brown from Centred Soul is offering her new moon and full moon alchemical crystal healing bowl sound transmissions by donation to support your integration from our healing circle. You will receive the link to sign up to receive the latest recording in the follow-up email after our ceremony.

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Sacred Mothers Circle

I felt called to create this container because I feel it’s time to prioritize supporting mothers once again as a community. There are so many distorted energies that are continuously trying to distract and discourage humanity. I see how disconnected we are with one another and I feel a lot of compassion and empathy for all you powerful mothers who are doing their very best to steward their children and take care of their families.

This is a space for you to be seen, heard, and held. My intention is to create a safe space for mothers to share what is going on for them. We can gather and pray for one another and our families. This is a sacred space to tend to your needs since you do so much to tend to the needs of others. All of who you are is welcome in this space. We will start with a meditation to ground into the space together. I’ll do a clearing for all those who are present and we will complete the circle with a sharing circle. I hope to occasionally have guest facilitators join us. I will also be donating 10% of your fee to two different organizations, Parents Without Partners and National Indian Child Care Association. TThese two organizations support Indigenous Youth and Single parents. 

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Are you interested in learning more or collaborating?

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