Natalie started her healing journey at a young age when she was introduced to different energy practitioners and spiritual healers during a time in her life when her parents were getting a divorce.  During that time, her life as she knew it was dramatically changing and shifting in front of her eyes.  She was 12 years old when she was first introduced to energetic healing through Reiki practitioners and Bioenergetic practitioners.  Over the past 20 years, she has learned a lot from various healers and teachers from different lineages around the world.

Over the past few years Natalie has directed a lot of her attention towards ancestral healing.  She noticed very specific patterns of trauma that were occurring in her own family.  As she learned more stories about her ancestors, she realized these wounds were passed down through the generations.  It became very important to her to heal the traumas that have been passed down so that her future children and descendants would not have to carry those burdens from the past.

Natalie graduated with her Bachelors in Psychology in 2008 and after spending 6 years working in the corporate world, she decided to pursue a Master’s in Psychology.  She was specifically looking for the ways in which Psychology and Spirituality intersect and integrate.  This led her to pursue her Master’s at the California Institute of Integral Studies where she completed her degree in Integral Counseling Psychology in 2017.

During her time in California, Natalie was exposed to many spiritual teachers within the Bay Area that expanded her knowledge about Spirit and Life.  One of these teachers is Liv Mokai Wheeler, who is an International Ritual facilitator and Kontomble Voice Diviner.  In many ways, Natalie went to graduate school and Spirit guided her in the School of Life at the same time.  Through her work with Liv and the Kontomble, Natalie continues to learn a lot of skills around ancestral healing, healing in community, tending Spirit and being in reciprocity with nature and the Spirit world.  She has had the opportunity to support Liv and groups that she works with by bringing in her experience with clearing interpersonal ruptures between group members in ritual clearing circles.  She also discovered the Emotion Code through Liv and it is an energy healing modality she feels integrates all of the different healing modalities she has learned over the years.  Inspired by the healing she experienced through Emotion Code, she obtained her certification and is now a practitioner.  She sees herself as a student of Life and Spirit and will continue to learn from the teachers who cross her path.

Natalie is passionate about healing, helping people reconnect with their true essence, learning and giving gratitude for the gift of life.  She relates to sessions with her clients as their own individual healing ceremonies and creates the sacred space for each session.  She sees healing as a way for all of us to clear out the muck of trauma and rediscover the true essence of our beings by reconnecting with our hearts and living from that space.

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