Transformational 1-on-1 Sessions

What are Transformational 1-on-1 Sessions?

There are many reasons people feel called to sign up for a Transformational 1-on-1 Session. The way that I hold space for all my 1-on-1 sessions is informed by my training at a Gestalt therapy focused clinic I worked in while completing my Masters in Counseling Psychology and experiences I have had over the years working with different groups of people in both ceremony and outside of ceremonial containers. My approach is heart-centered and Spirit-led. I believe in approaching all sessions with curiosity about what is coming up in the moment and exploring with your inner world with you. Whatever led you to look into a Transformational 1-on-1 session, I welcome you! Keep scrolling to learn more!

Photo by: Natalie

Who can be supported by a 1-on-1 Transformational Session?

Adults, couples, preteens and teenagers dealing with:

Depression & Anxiety
Feeling lost on your path or feeling stuck
Wanting to transform your core wounds
Trauma informed healing
People dealing with Grief and Loss
Women’s empowerment
Integration Support
Seeking Spiritual support/mentorship
Relationship issues/challenges
Dealing with Conflict
Communication Issues
Reclaiming Your Sovereignty
Developing a stronger relationship with Discernment
Ancestral Healing/Family dynamics
Taking responsibility for yourself and living from a heart-centered space
Tools & practices for regulating your nervous system

Integration Support:

It has been my experience that people who attend rituals and ceremonies or work with sacred plant medicines & psychedelics face challenges integrating their experiences when they return to their lives. As one of my teachers always says, “the journey begins after the ceremony ends”. What he is talking about specifically is the importance of integration. I have had the profound experience to hold space for many people over the past few years as they integrate insights and experiences into their daily lives. I truly believe we can not do this work alone. I know for myself, when I have looked for help integrating my own experiences, I have been very discerning about who I would open my heart to. I’m very aware of the stigma that exists out in the world regarding spiritual experiences and I’m not interested in perpetuating those narrow viewpoints and ways of being. I’m not interested in telling you what your experience is, I trust you to be the expert of your experience. I am interested in being with you and exploring what comes up for you as we dive deeper together. I want you to feel safe and seen. It truly is an honor to hold space for the magic to unfold.

Reclaiming Who You Are:

I love to support those who want to dive into their own healing around the wounds that prevent them from accessing their voice. I experienced the power of doing this during the Finding Your Voice program I held back in Fall of 2019. It has been beautiful to witness the transformations that can occur when we bring attention and focus to the parts of ourselves that prevent us from reclaiming who we are.

In these sessions we will focus on the parts of you that get activated when you are in groups and are unable to speak. We will make room for those unhealed parts and listen to what your needs are in those moments so you can resource yourself and build the resilience needed to push past your edge. If needed we will use one of the energy clearing tools I have access to in order to clear any stagnant energy. These sessions are all dynamic and unique to your needs. I invite you to enter in all 1-on-1 sessions with a sense of curiosity and trust.

I also genuinely love to support folks who are trying their best to navigate their lives but are working through challenges and are needing some support. Whether you are dealing with anxiety, depression, fear, insecurities, grief, anger, lack of self-worth, difficulty with boundaries, or having trouble being a sensitive soul in an insensitive culture.

How will we connect?

All sessions are done over Zoom at this time. Sessions are 55 minutes long.


I offer my 1-on-1 Transformational sessions on a sliding scale. Prices ranges from $105, $115, & $130 which also includes the Stripe processing fee. If you are wanting to book multiple sessions I also offer packages which you can find here.

Want to learn more?

If you are interested in reaching out to see if a 1-on-1 session is something you’d like to explore, you can book a 20-minute Free Exploratory Session with me to see if working together it’s a good fit for you.

I find myself stumbling over my words as I being to express about, the experience of Natalie entering my life. About five years ago, I was told by one of my soul sisters that I should know Natalie. She was at the end of her studies, and diving into herSelf (further) as a therapist and overall healer. I was amidst struggle and transition– in need of guidance and a Divine mirror. I became one of her first therapy clients while she finished up her practicum and while I had been in and out of therapy since my early teenage years at that point, I had never experienced being witnessed or guided as I had with her. I was blessed to work with Natalie every week for six months and during that time, she not only offered me practices of healing that I had never been in relation with before, but validated the entirety of my existence in a way that allowed me to witness the deepest parts of mySelf with magic and pride. As Spirit allows, we both parted ways to continue down the alignment of our journeys and while I was incredibly saddened to not have her as my therapist anymore, I felt the essence of her voice and loving Spirit so deeply with me, encouraging me to trust in what is. And sure enough, about two years later, she re-entered my life with such light-filled ease. I have now had the experience of not only being her therapy client again, but witness to the gifts that so beautifully have bloomed within her space of offering and connection. Natalie feels like an ancient loving friend and anyone in my close circle knows her name just by how often I express my gratitude for her presence. Time with Natalie is so multifaceted in nature– within one session I am laughing, crying, meditating, rambling, sitting in silence, or sharing parts of my healing I have never touched. In any form I may bring, I feel completely held and seen. I feel important. I feel cared for in a way that inspires me to care for mySelf more. The organic essence of Natalie feels like hope. I have had the courage to unmask dusty, dark, and light-growing layers of my ancient being because she embodies this enthusiastic “YES” through it all. She mirrors my magic and echos Divine trust. She illuminates the bottom of the ocean as she does the break of the waves and I pray she knows how much I love her. I pray she knows how much better this weird human world is just because she’s here (again). I pray that whatever her path brings next, she feels the vibration of hearts she has held, hold her in return– as “YES” and “YOU.”

– Anna
Photo by: Natalie
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