Clearing Negative Beliefs

This type of energy clearing is available as an add-on to a The Emotion Code® Session. We will continue to focus on what is being clear during The Emotion Code® session and see if there are any negative beliefs that your subconscious is ready to release. We will be working with the chakras and tapping into each one to see if there are negative beliefs energetically residing there. The chart that I use has 1000 negative and positive beliefs listed. This is where we will be pulling the information from.

The beautiful thing about this type of clearing is, once we clear the negative belief, we will find the positive mantra that you will continue to work with to empower yourself. I love this part of the healing because it allows for you to step into your self-healing capabilities and reclaim your power.

A lot of folks have enjoyed this clearing practice and continue to work with the mantras long after the healing has taken place. If you are curious about this add-on, I encourage you to try it out and see if it resonates for you.

I personally love doing a combination of both The Emotion Code® and Clearing Negative Beliefs. It allows for us to go so deep together in a session. Read the feedback below to get an idea of what some folks have experienced.

I am so grateful for Natalie’s healing and support through the Emotion Code & Negative Belief Clearing sessions. When I first went to Natalie for energy clearing support, I was very focused on trying to find ways to clear by myself, but realized very quickly how Natalie was able to access and clear deeper emotions/energy that I was not able to reach on my own. Sometimes we need to receive and be supported by someone who can safely hold and transmute these vulnerable and deep rooted emotions/energy. I’ve found the Negative Belief Clearings to be very powerful. Through the process, I could sense which chakras were blocked and was surprised at how spot on the negative belief statements were! It was very nourishing to then replace those beliefs with a positive mantra. I am so grateful that Natalie offers these forms of healing and shares her medicine with the world! ❤ 

Chrystal Lacza

“Natalie has a big heart and a wise, warm and grounding energy. Her presence is sincere and  supportive and her work can facilitate deep healing.  I am glad we worked together!”

Rodika Tchi
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