Tending Your Spirit, LLC is a refuge for those on their healing path.  Sometimes it can be difficult to integrate the expansive growth one experiences while delving into the depths of their being.  One of Natalie’s many passions in life is helping others feel safe while they are on their own unique path of healing and awakening. Creating sacred space to allow for people to feel safe enough to drop into their hearts is something that she feels very passionate about.  She is inspired by empowering others to awaken their divinity within.


Natalie is a certified The Emotion Code®  practitioner and loves helping people and animals release trapped emotions from their bodies. The Emotion Code®  is a type of energy healing that allows for us to tap into your subconscious and release stagnant energies (trapped emotions) that are stuck in your body. It’s a beautiful clearing practice that can be done in person and over the phone. Most of my sessions are done over the phone.

Natalie offers 1-on-1 conscious coaching sessions for people looking to go deeper into their own healing. She works with folks who are going through an awakening expeirence, whether by working with plant medicines, meditation retreats, ritual/ceremony or other spiritual growth experiences and need some support integrating the new teachings into their everyday lives. She also offers support for those who have trouble accessing parts of themselves because of unhealed wounds that hold them back. Whether it is your inability to share your voice or you keep noticing the same relationship patterns coming up for you. She’s interested in meeting you where you are at and exploring what is coming up for you.

Natalie also loves to hold space for community so we can dive deeper into our collective healing. She has experienced and witnessed so much healing and growth when sitting with groups of people and finds that it is an important part of our evolutionary journey. She loves to set a safe, heart-centered and strong container for those who gather. She’s currently offering a few different group programs and gatherings for 2020. Learn more about these offerings here.

Additionally, Natalie is a co-founder of Gaia Cosmica, a collective devoted to restoring balance between people and the earth. She collaborates with this beautiful collective and holds monthly online and in-person gatherings. You can see some of these collaborations in the Group Offerings & Collaborations page.

To learn more about the Emotion Code offerings, 1-on-1 conscious coaching sessions, online gatherings, Tending Your Spirit, LLC programs and collaborations for 2020, check out the rest of this site. If you are ready to book a session, click here.

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