Tending Your Spirit, LLC is a sacred and safe space for those on their healing path that are looking for support.  We provide 1-on-1 coaching/mentoring and energy healing services utilizing The Emotion Code® and Negative Beliefs Clearing. We also hold monthly group healing circles and we love to collaborate with other healers, including Gaia Cosmica. Please take a look at our Programs and Monthly Circles page if you are wanting to learn more about those particular offerings.

Our mission is to help facilitate healing and restoration of harmony in the lives of those who seek support with Natalie. The ways in which she shows up to support you is informed by her love of looking at healing from a heart-centered, Spirit led, holistic viewpoint.  One of Natalie’s many passions in life is helping others feel safe while they explore their subconscious and help them navigate their spiritual awakening journey. Creating sacred space to allow for people to feel secure enough to be in their hearts is something that she loves.  She is inspired by empowering others to awaken their divinity within. Please take your time exploring this site and discovery all the ways in which we can support you. Thank you!


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