Tending Your Spirit is a refuge for those on their healing path.  Sometimes it can be difficult to integrate the expansive growth one experiences while delving into the depths of their being.  One of Natalie’s many passions in life is helping others feel safe while they are on their own unique path of healing. Creating sacred space to discover the ways one needs to integrate experiences is something she finds pure joy in doing.  

Natalie is also certified as an Emotion Code practitioner and loves helping people and animals release trapped emotions from their bodies.  The Emotion Code is a simple method of finding and releasing trapped energies in your body by tapping into the subconscious mind.  These trapped emotions limit us and affect our ability to feel love and joy and to create success.   

She believes the more we connect with our hearts and nurture our relationship with Spirit (Great Spirit, Creatrix, God, Goddess, Higher Self, etc.) the happier and more fulfilled we will feel in our lives.


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