The Emotion Code® for Daily Clearing Class

As a certified practitioner of The Emotion Code®, I find that it is so helpful for my clients to learn how to incorporate clearing themselves. My inspiration for this class is to share some insights I have learned as a practitioner and share it with you all. I’ll also go through the steps for clearing using this practice. Dr. Bradley Nelson has a book he wrote, “The Emotion Code”, that explains the practice and he also shares some client experiences that I find helps you open your mind to the possibilities. It isn’t mandatory to read the book for this class but I would recommend you reading it at some point to receive the download from Dr. Nelson. As it goes with all things that I share, I encourage you to practice discernment. It is so important to learn to listen to the part deep within yourself that guides your unique being. I also encourage you to bring in your knowledge from the things you have learned through your life and see how you can integrate that to your own personal practice. The thing I absolutely love about this clearing practice is that you are empowered to heal yourself and when you find yourself working through something and needing support, you can reach out to practitioners, like myself, who can hold space for you and support your healing.

The live class that took place on May 12th and was currently full. Since there was such a high demand, I recorded the class and have made it available for folks to access. This class is offered on a sliding scale of $11-33 USD. If you are interested in receiving the recording, click on this link.

In addition to the class I’m presenting a 21-day daily clearing challenge. This challenge will start May 12 and finish June 2nd. We will have a follow up Zoom call on June 4th. This call will be free for all who have either attended the class or purchased the recording. During the call we will go around sharing our experiences and what we noticed by clearing for 21 days continously. You can choose to join this movement. It is important to check with yourself and ask your subconscious if you can clear and integrate what is cleared as kind and gentlly as possible. When doing any kind of clearing, it is important to drink a lot of water, I easily drink 10 glasses of water a day, sometimes more. Water is such an important part to any clearing practice and deepening you relationship with water, I find, is essential to life.

Access Recording

For those who have already purchased the recording but misplace the password protected site, click on this link: Recording.

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