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welcome to the community portal!

This is the place for you to access free tools that I will be gifting you as a perk for being part of my newsletter community! It is my desire to create a more intimate space for those who tune into my newsletter and I also wanted to share some gifts for you, my beloved community. Thank you so much for supporting my work in the many different ways that you do! May these offerings from my heart support your healing journey!

The Trigger Journal Template

While I was studying in my masters program, I took a class on Trauma that was taught by my favorite professor. One of the projects we had to work on throughout the semester was keeping a weekly trigger journal. I’m sharing this tool with you because it was such a powerful tool in my healing process. Many of you have heard me say that triggers are the doorways to our wounds. This journal template was the first step in my process of discovering the hidden wounds that were unconsciously effecting my life. You can download and print this template or create your own. I’ll walk you through the process.

First you write down the trigger you notice. For example, “Aria was passive aggressive with me”. Rate it from 1-10, i.e., “7”. Write down any body sensations, emotions, thoughts, i.e., “annoyed, heat in my body, What an asshole!”. Write down the resources, i.e, “walked away and took a few deep breaths”. Rate again from 1-10, i.e., 2. Write down any notes, i.e., “when someone is passive aggressive I feel hurt and annoyed”.

That is a simple example for how you can utilize this chart. You will be surprised what you will discover about yourself as you start tracking your experience. For those of you who have a tough time realizing you are triggered, you may start catching yourself before you explode! Let me know how this tool is working for you and email me if you have any questions. I love to hear how you are working with this!

Once you have been tracking your triggers for some time and are ready to take the next step, book a 1-on-1 Transformational session with me and we can dive deeper in your inner world together and transform your wounds into pearls of wisdom.

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