Stone Divinations

I honor the stone, crystal, fossil and volcano beings who work with me through this art of divination. Thank you for your clarity, grace, way of weaving stories, protection and grounding. Gratitude to my ancestors, my teachers, the Kontomble and all the nations of Little People of the Earth, the Great Grandmothers, and Earth Mother. Gratitude to all the beings in alignment with Truth & Harmony. Gratitude to all the beings in alignment with Love & Joy. May these divinations support those who are open to receiving your messages.

Photo by: Natalie

Divination, for me, is the ritual of connecting with Spirit to receive guidance and clarity around a particular question (or questions) you have. It is a spiritual technology that allows us, in this dimension, to ask for support for questions we have from particular beings in higher dimensions. I have been guided by the Kontomble (one of the many nations of “little” people here on Earth) and my teacher & dear friend, Liv Mokai Wheeler, to work with this collection of stones, crystals, volcanic rocks, shells, seeds and fossils as my unique form of divination. I absolutely love engaging with the art of divination in this way, it feels so ancient and true to my being.

Stone divination is a ritual we will engage in together. Meaning you will not be just observing but and active participant. It’s a dialogue. I ask that you make offerings to your ancestors, the Earth, the stone, crystal, volcano, ocean and fossil beings and your guides & guardians before we meet for your divination. Offerings can be food, drink, incense, a song, something you created with your hand and/or anything else you feel guided to give to Spirit. There is no right or wrong answer, the most important thing is that it comes from your heart. I will do an invocation before we connect so we can start right away. We’ll begin the ritual with a guided meditation for grounding, calling in support, clearing the space and giving gratitude.

What can Divination support you with?

Clarity around your purpose
Help with connecting with your Higher Self
Removing obstacles
Help around understanding situations you are moving through
Seeing that which is in the unseen realms that are in your way
Ancestral lineage healing
Soul lineage healing
Clearing blocks in your energy field

During our ritual, you will have the opportunity to ask 1-2 questions. You may not know what question to ask, do not worry because we can ask for help in discerning the “right” question for the moment. Please make sure you bring an abundance of offerings because sometimes that may help us clear the way to receive the flow. We will meet over Zoom for about 90 minutes and I’ll record the session for you to access later on. I say about because I have found that when working with Spirit and higher dimensions, things like time tends to flow in different ways. Please make sure you let me know ahead of time if you do have a specific stop time (I’ll likely ask if you do before we start). As with all things, I invite you to utilize your discernment and feel into what feels true for you. It is such a joy for me to share my medicine with you in this way. May it be supportive for your journey!

Photo by: Natalie

Cost for Stone Divination is

$111 + Stripe/Paypal fee


Photo by: Natalie

This was my first stone divination reading and the beauty that streamed through Natalie felt so supportive and life affirming. The way she divines is artful and quite stunning. Her energy is such that she invites a co-creative rapport, which is comforting. I felt my heart expand as the messages came through, I left with a smile on my face and more clarity! Thank you Natalie for sharing your gifts!

Sophia Cain

The Practice of Making Offerings

If you are unsure of what to bring as offerings, here are some examples from different ceremonies I’ve held and/or attended over the years. I ask that you bring extra things to offer throughout the ceremony to help feed the stream of reciprocity throughout our time together. I give thanks to my teachers Liv Mokai Wheeler and the Kontomble for teaching me the importance of engaging with the spiritual realms in this way. I find it’s always helpful give these offerings with love and gratitude in your heart for all the ways you are supported and loved. It truly is beautiful to feel how the streams of spirit flow abundantly when we first engage with our heart in gratitude. The most important lesson I’ve learned about having an offerings practice is the importance of understanding Sacred Reciprocity and the many ways we can engage with Spirit in this way. It switches me from a “take, take, take, take” mentality that I feel we are all guilty of engaging in.

Want to book your Stone Divination?

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