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These are a collection of podcasts, videos, and articles that Natalie has collaborated in. If you are interested in interviewing Natalie please email her at tendingyourspirit@gmail.com.

Published articles

Elephant Journal: The Right Way to Deal with Conflict in Relationships


MoonWise Podcast: Episode 33 – Sovereignty and Energetic Hygiene

Unsaid Conversation: Episode 15 – Conversation with Natalie on Navigating Conflict

The Spiritual Journey: Buo Journey with Natalie Zacharias

MoonWise Podcast: Episode 53: Staying Calm in Chaos

Healers around the Fire: Episode 2 Available on the Centred Soul App

YouTube Videos & Interviews

Cosmic Earth Conversation Series

I sat with my dear friend Claudia Cuentas and we talked about about music, the importance of healing the nervous system, decolonizing our minds, and so much more!
I connect with Alex(andra) Crow and we talk about yin practices, healing and so much more!
I talk with my dear friends and mentors, Uncle Bodhi and Auntie Amala.
I connected with my dear friend Liv Mokai Wheeler. We talked about healing, the Little People of the Earth, messages from Spirit and so much more.
I connect with my friend Dorothée and we talk about plants, being a sensitive person, motherhood and so much more!
I talk with my friend Xander about their experiences growing up, astrology, mercury retrograde and so much more!
This week I connect with my dear friend Shalini Rao and we talk about everything from our relationship with the land, the importance of healing your shadow, we talk about supremacy, what’s happening in India and so much more.
I chatted with my friend Kamala Kay Brown about alchemical singing bowls, spiritual bypassing, sound healing, the awakening process, the medicine of joy and so much more!
I chat with my friend Sena about Psilocybin, Cacao, the future of psychedelics in healing, and so much more! Enjoy!
I chat with my friend Xavier Búo about working with plant medicines, entities, things to bring awareness to and so much more!
I connect with my friends Liv Mokai Wheeler, Tena M. Dodds and Karen A. Baquiran. We discuss what Beyond Quantum Healing is, playing in the Quantum Field and what we think/feel it is, we hear from the beloved Kontomble and the Goddess, and so much more!
I talk with Maggie & Matt about Death, transformation, healing the inner child and receiving wisdom from our younger selves and so much more!
Join me for my last Cosmic Earth Conversations for this go around! Episode 13 with my dear friend Donnalynn Civello. We talk about decoding your life, Fate vs. Destiny, the Matrix, the stories we tell ourselves, Gaia’s evolution and so much more! This was such a beautiful and deep conversation and it makes me so happy to close out this season of this series with this conversation. I hope you enjoy this last episode of the Cosmic Earth Conversations.

Are you interested in learning more or collaborating?

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