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Navigating Conflict Video Library and Journal Prompts

The Navigating Conflict program is something I created in 2020 to support folks who were wanting to heal their relationship with conflict. The program was broken down into four sections and included nine teaching videos, journal prompts, four 1-on-1 Transformational sessions and eight The Emotion Code® energy healing sessions. The program is now closed but I wanted to give people access the the video library that contains all the teaching videos and journal prompts. This body of work comes from 20 years of experience, study, personal healing and growth. It is a program for those who want to heal their own wounds around conflict. It is also a program for those who both want to heal ancestral and collective wounds and want to learn how to hold space for others who are in conflict. Below you can watch a quick video where I talk about what inspired me to create this program.

As I stated in the video above, the program is broken down into four sections and you will get access to 9 teaching videos and journal prompts for you to do your own inner exploration around what is covered. The four sections are the following:

Section 1- Self: What are your unique wounds that come up when you are in conflict with another? What are the roles you fall into when conflict is present (roles mentioned above)?

Section 2- Family/Ancestral: What role did you play in your family of origin and what ancestral patterns are present for you today when it comes to conflict? How was conflict dealt with in your family?

Section 3- Community/Collective: How has your community and the overall collective influenced the way you view conflict?

Section 4- Holding space for clearing conflict in community: I will share the principles of holding space and you will explore what resonates with your own strengths and abilities. This is made for facilitators and space holders.

Price for access to the Navigating Conflict Video Library
$167 USD

Navigating Conflict Video Library

Once you purchase these recordings, please email so you can receive the password protected website and password.


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