Monthly Collective Clearing & Divination Ritual Ceremony

I’m so excited to be offering this monthly ceremony that will combine my energy clearing practice with my divination practice. This ceremony will focus on clearing the collective trauma/grief from the group gathered. Afterwards we will sit with my divination bundle and ask for guidance regarding what’s happening in the collective and what actions can be taken to support the highest good for all of life. There is space for 13 people to attend either live and/or remotely. Each ceremony will last for one hour so please make sure you can commit to the entirety if you plan to attend live.

We will start the ceremony with a grounding meditation, calling in protection for the space, and giving gratitude to the earth. We will focus on the energy clearing first utilizing The Emotion Code®. We will complete the ceremony with a divination asking about the collective energy and any actions we can take to support the highest good of all life. I ask you make offerings before the ceremony to the ancestors, Mother Earth, all the benevolent beings who are supporting us, and stone, fossil, crystal, volcano, and ocean spirits and the “little people” of the earth, specifically the Kontomble. Please bring extra offerings to offer during the ceremony so we can feed into the ceremonial energy in a good way. I always like to have herbs, honey, flowers, seeds, corn, tobacco, and chocolate near me whenever I’m in ceremony and more offerings are needed. Please tune into what feels true for you. I will be recording each ceremony so if you miss it, you’ll receive the recording afterwards.

Since this is a monthly offering I’ll be offering a special membership price for those who subscribe to the Tending Your Spirit Community membership that I’m now offering. If your plans change and you’re unable to attend, please indicate that on your form when you sign up for the month’s ceremony and you will still be included in the healing.

Membership Price
$70 USD

Non-Membership Price
$88 USD

If you are unsure of what to bring as offerings, here are some examples from different ceremonies I’ve held and/or attended over the years.

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