Gaia Gatherings

A collaboration with Gaia Cosmica

What are Gaia Gatherings?

These monthly gatherings are inspired by the online ceremony Maggie and I co-facilitated on January 6th to pray for the beings affected by the wildfires in Australia. The sacred space we entered in as a community was so inspiring and led us to continue to host monthly gatherings to pray for Gaia. We will gather for 90 minutes and make offerings and prayers for Gaia. We will share what is on our hearts, share songs, and send loving energy to specific places around the world.

In order to hold your space for each gathering, we ask that you donate $22 as an energetic exchange. We will be donating all funds raised to organizations that support indigenous peoples around the world. The reason we feel it is important to support these organizations is because the indigenous people of Gaia are the original stewards of the land. It is important that they are supported to practice their traditional ways. Something that many of them have been stopped from practicing by the governments around the world. Each month’s community ceremony will have specific intentions to focus our prayers. We hope you will feel inspired to join us as we gather to pray each month this year. Sending you all a lot of love and blessings! May all beings on Gaia (included Gaia herself) be free from suffering and may harmony reign once again!

Offerings for Ceremony

We will be working with offerings for each ceremony. We request that you please know the source of your offerings. A big message that has been coming through recently is how important it is to embody more awareness and respect for the connections we are feeding in EVERY moment, in EVERY purchase, in EVERY choice.  As we hold the the sources of our offerings in heart, we give life-force to that place on the Earth…this is the power of prayer.

We ask that you bring the following as offerings (you can have a container where you put these offerings that will be near you while we are in ceremony). You can make these offerings before or during the ceremony and afterwards offer it to Gaia. Sometimes people place their offerings by a tree, in the ocean, or they bury their offerings. We trust you know where to lay your offerings after the ceremony. It’s always a good practice to ask for permission before giving your offering to the earth. Make sure all your offerings are unwrapped and open any bottles.

  • Flowers
  • Fruit
  • Herbs
  • Tobacco 
  • Corn/ millet
  • Fire/ candle
  • Chocolate/Sweets/Cookies
  • Ancestral foods (home cooked)
  • Honey
  • Water
  • To burn:
    • Sweetgrass
    • Sweet fern
    • Palma dulce

*do not keep or eat offerings because they are infused with the energy of ceremony and have been already given to Spirit

The giving of offerings is a way to show our honor and love to our ancestors, our guides/guardians and to the Spirits of the Earth.  If this practice is new to you, please consider this to be a practice in generosity of Spirit FOR Spirit. What matters most is that we bring the purity of our hearts through these offerings.

Proposed dates for Gaia Gatherings

Feb 22 @ 12PM EST
March 19 @ 6pm EST
May 14 @ 3pm EST
June 6
July 7
Aug 8
Sept 9
Oct 10
Nov 2
Dec 12

Interested in joining us?

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Unable to join but still want to donate?

Click on the button below to go to our donation page where you can send in your donation if you are unable to join the call.

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