Finding Your Voice

An intensive 4-month deep dive into healing

October 2020- January 2021

Intention for the series:

My hope is to create a safe space that will help people find their voice when they are in situations and they notice they are unable to access their voice.

There are skills and practices we can learn, so when we are in those situations, we can calm our nervous systems and access our truth. When we are dysregulated, our nervous system kicks in and sometimes people experience themselves shutting down. Sometimes this can feel like being frozen in your body. You have a million thoughts running through your head but are unable to voice any of them. The spiral gets stronger and you continue to stay silent. People oftentimes feel shame, guilt, anger, and judgement towards themselves afterwards for not saying anything in the moment.

My intention for this series is to gather in an intimate setting with community and talk about the experiences we have had in our lives when we have lost our voice. As we share our experiences and hearts with one another, we will make space for our wounds that come up and prevent us from using our voice. These circles are will be called vulnerability circles because we will establish collective agreements around how the circle will be held so we can all feel safe and drop into a heart-centered sacred space with one another.

Outside of the circles, which will be online for 2 hours and held twice a month, you will receive 1-on-1 mentoring sessions each month to focus on your particular needs and wounds that show up. There is flexibility regarding when you decide to book your 1-on-1 sessions. I always suggest having one booked the week after a vulnerability circle because it is very likely that stuff will come up for you during our circles and it is best to address it when it is still fresh and present for you.

Some of the topics we’ll discuss during our vulnerability circles:

– Have you ever been in a gathering and there is a rupture within the group? How did this experience affect you?

– Have you ever been in a space when a person that held a position of power expressed something that you disagreed with but were unable to access your voice?

– Have you ever witnessed two people fighting and had the urge to intervene but didn’t not know how to support them and not get swept into the intensity of the situation?

– Have you ever feared speaking your truth because you are unsure of how you will be received?

– Is there a message living within you that you want to share but are too afraid to?

– Have you ever had an experience when someone projected their wounds on you and you were unable to engage them in conversation and find healing within the relationship?

What to expect from our 1-on-1 mentoring sessions?

During our one hour 1-on-1 sessions that you’ll have twice a month, we will have time to explore what resources work for you. If needed, we can clear trapped emotions using the Emotion Code and/or clear Negative belief systems that are causing blocks in the chakras. We’ll also focus on the wounds that get triggered for you around accessing your voice and explore what is needed for you to heal those wounds. We will make space for the parts of yourself that get triggered and listen to what is needed for those parts to feel seen/heard and safe. It is possible that you some of your wounds will come to the surface during our vulnerability circles and if we don’t have space to address it during the calls, we can make space for that during our 1-on-1 sessions.

What will you take away from this experience?

My prayer for you is that you leave our time together and feel more empowered to go forth and access your voice and your truth. There is a seed of truth and love that resides inside all of us and it is time for those seeds to be tended to so the fruits are shared with the world. I hope you have more awareness around your wounds and their needs. I hope you feel more comfortable to continue exploring the different tools we will talk about either in group calls or during 1-on-1 sessions. I hope you find a few ways to resource yourself in the moment so you can feel safe enough to speak your truth in the moment.


A 4-month program consisting of biweekly 2 hour “Vulnerability Circle” Zoom community calls per month and biweekly 1-on-1 sessions a month.

Dates for the 2 hour community calls:

Oct 4
Oct 18
Nov 1
Nov 15
Nov 29
Dec 13
Dec 27
Jan 10


This program will be offered using a sliding scale. I want to make this series accessible for as many as possible and I’m aware we all have different financial situations. You can choose what feels best for you to invest in yourself for this program.

There are three types of ways to make payments:

Monthly payments of $350-666 per month paid on the 15th of each month
Two monthly payments of $175- 333 paid on the 1st and 15th of each month (total of 8 payments)
One time payment of $1400-2664 due Aug 15th

Once you submit your registration for the program and receive confirmation for the program, you will have one week to submit a non-refundable deposit of $200 to reserve your spot. Please indicate on the registration form if you will choose to make monthly payments or a one time payment.

EARLY BIRD SPECIAL: If you sign up for the program before 6/6/20 you will receive $100 off your total for the program.

If you are interested in registering for this program, you can fill our the registration form here and you will receive a confirmation that your application as been received within 48 hours.

If you are still unsure if this is the right program for you, let’s connect. Click on the button below to book a call!

If you are wanting to join our intensive and dive deep into your healing, come join us!

What People Say

I have immense respect for Natalie as a person and therapeutic practitioner.  She has a commitment to nature and indigenous healing practices that I haven’t seen anywhere else.  Please check out her work and contact her if you’re wanting to explore what she offers.

Shalini Rao

Energy Workers and Practitioners, I can’t say enough about how Natalie has helped me find my own voice past anger and isolation in ceremony and circle.  Because let’s be real, it happens.

Chiqui “@Crystal_seeder”

Those that are greatly impacted by Natalie’s medicine, you’ll hear them say that she feels like home to them. She feels like home to me. But a healthy kind of home.  What we all long for when we long for home. It feels like Natalie. In other words, she sits close to source. She carries this immense spiritual power and also a tender heart which enables everyone to feel held.  And something, I feel, she’s especially skilled with is what the world needs so desperately, someone who’s able to hold tension in community and facilitate a dialogue between those that feel wronged by each other. Natalie is able to skillfully hold space for the transmutation of pain, the oppositional kind of pain.  And then before you know it people are hugging each other. Those that sat in polarity with each other are now recognizing they actually love each other. Their hug now is much deeper. The hug is a real hug.

Liv Mokai Wheeler
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