Collective Grief Clearing Circles

Deep bows of gratitude to the Ancient Ocean Goddess and our Divine Mother for showing me the importance of healing grief. I bow to your wisdom, compassion, grace, and love. Thank you for all you have given to all of Life. Thank you to my teachers who have helped me remember who I am and why I am here. Thank you to all the unseen guides and guardians who have inspired so much within my heart and continue to light the way. May these healing ceremonies support of Life so that we may align with our hearts and live in harmony once again.

May it be so.

Photo by: Natalie


The original prayer behind the Collective Grief Clearing circles is solely focused on clearing trapped emotions from the collective. When I was becoming a practitioner of The Emotion Code®, I had a vision of a facilitating a ceremony with 13 people gathered around a sacred fire. In the ceremony, we connected energetically with one another, the sacred fire, and the earth and focused on clearing trapped emotions pertaining to Collective trauma. We sang together, made offerings, and expressed. The prayer of that ceremony was for the healing we would do as a small collective would ripple out to all of life on this beautiful being we get the privilege to exist on. I still have that vision of holding space for that ceremony in person however I have since adapted that ceremony to work in today’s way of connecting virtually. In addition to the original prayer for these circles, I am inspired by the work of Francis Weller who does a lot of grief healing work and wrote the book “The Wild Edge of Sorrow” and have decided to include a stone ritual that he shares about in his book. Along with clearing of the energy from the collective we will also make space for a stone ritual so we may make space for the expression of grief. Francis Weller teaches the 5 gates of griefs which I invite you to make space for when we gather together.

These are the 5 Gates of Grief:
1 All that we love we will lose (Change is inevitable)
2 The places that did not receive love (What parts of yourself have been neglected or rejected.)
3 The sorrows of the world (How are things that are happening in the world effecting you)
4 What we expected but did not receive (This gives us space to tend to disappointment and loss of dreams)
5 Ancestral grief (We are sometimes holding/processing things our ancestors experienced)

The Collective Grief Clearing ceremonies are being held virtually utilizing Zoom. There is space for 13 people to join each ceremony and the cost to attend is $44. The ceremony will last for two hours. I invite you to bring a stone that you will use to hold the grief that is with you and you will offer this stone to a body of water after the ceremony. I always collect my stones from the ocean and I make offerings and ask for permission before collecting the stone, please make sure you ask for permission and make an offering before collecting the stone that you will use for the ritual. In addition to the stone, you will also need to bring a bowl of water, light a candle before ceremony to help hold the energetic space, and bring offerings that we will be offering to the earth. Offerings could be flowers, herbs, tobacco, foods, incense, drinks, or anything else you feel called to offer. After the ceremony, when you return the stone to a body of flowing water near you, you can also offer the offerings if you are able to. If you have any questions, you can email me or setup a Free Exploratory Session.

It’s such an honor and blessing to hold space for healing in this way and I hope you will feel inspired to join me. I send lots of love and blessings to you and your ancestors!

Photo by: Natalie
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