Ancestral Support Ritual

We all are branches that grow from the great ancestral trees of our lineage. When there is a block in the flow of energy in our ancestral trees, it may have to do with unresolved trauma and/or an ancestor who is stuck and hasn’t fully transitioned. There are many rituals in different lineages that support the transitioning of stuck ancestors and unfortunately, many folks have stopped practicing these ways for far too long. It is a blessing and an honor to support your ancestors find their way home. It is a ritual that has helped me own lineage in many ways and I feel passionate to share it with others.

Photo by: Natalie

This is a song that came through from my ancestors in support of you and your ancestors. May you feel the love and support!

I was taught this way of supporting the ancestors from my teacher and dear friend, Liv Mokai Wheeler and the Kontomblé. She was taught the importance of supporting the ancestors from her longtime teacher Elder Malidoma Patrice Somé. I bow in deep reverence to them for teaching so many people how to support the transitioning of the unwell ancestors so that harmony can be restored in our lineages. For me, it has been such a profound experience to support so many and it has been such a deep healing in my life, for my own ancestral lineages.

Since the world we live in has been ever changing, I’ve learned to trust in my creativity and learn new ways of supporting people utilizing these ritual tools. In the past, I was taught to facilitate big gatherings with people where we tend to the sacred fire and continue to feed the fire and the big ancestor altar that we create in order to support the ancestors’ transition. This would normally be an all night vigil where we dance, share, stories, emote, and generate a lot of energy for the ritual. Since it has gotten more difficult to gather in person with people and this type of support is needed now more than ever, I felt the need to discover another way.

Guided by the teachings from Liv and the Kontomblé, they have shown me how to create this ritual in a way that we can connect over Zoom no matter where you are located in the world. We will have a preparation call beforehand to figure out what is needed specifically for your ancestors who will be supported with this ritual. The 1-on-1 Ancestral Support Ritual will likely take 2-4 hours to complete. You will be asked to build an ancestor altar so it would be helpful if you have any photos, names, objects that are connected to those who we will support through this ritual, a bowl of water, and a candle. Start collecting stories that you can share during the ritual itself. Stories help us connect to the energy of the ancestors we are supporting. Depending on your situation, you may have to create your altar outside of your living space so you can establish healthy boundaries with your unwell ancestors before we do the ritual. We’ll go over more of the details on our preparation call. When it comes to supporting the ancestors I find that two things are KEY: establishing healthy boundaries and standing FIRMLY in your sovereignty. The more I do this work the more I see how vital it is to reclaim your sovereignty.

Photo by: Natalie

I will ask that you choose a type of bird that you feel drawn to and female ancestor who will both act as focal points for this ritual. We will ask for the support of the particular bird nation to help support your ancestors’ transition to the ancestral realms. Birds are so dynamic in this way and I have found them to be great allies. The specific female ancestor that you will be focusing on will act as the leader for all the ancestors that are ready to transition at this time.

Offerings will be a big part of this ritual. Cooking ancestral foods, if you know of a favorite dish, beverage, songs, dance, and smells. Anything that connects to the energy of the ancestors who we will be supporting is helpful when it comes to this ritual. We’ll also be making offerings to the birds, Earth Mother, our Guides and Guardians, the Angels, the Ancient Ancestors, the Kontomblé, and the Elementals. The purpose of making offerings is to feed the Sacred Fire for the ritual and create enough Spirit Energy to help support your ancestors’ journey home.

The reason why I feel this ritual is so important and profoundly beautiful is because it has allowed me to have a healthy relationship with my ancestors without having their traumas drag on my energy. It’s really mind-blowing how much it can effect our energy field when we have unwell ancestors lingering in our space. That’s why boundaries are so important. Oftentimes our stuck ancestors are afraid that if they go towards the light then they won’t be able to connect with their families ever again and that’s just not how it works. This ritual supports the beginning of their journey home as they will continue to journey to Source for the next 40 days/40 nights. Once they have returned home, they can always show up and support their families as a strong and clear support once they have completed their journey home.

A few months ago, my maternal grandfather passed away. He was about a 100 years old when he transitioned out of his biological form. Because my relationship with him was impacted by layers and layers of intergenerational trauma, my grief wasn’t able to flow with ease. Natalie supported me with her guidance and understanding of what is needed in the blockage of grief. During our ritual of helping my grandfather’s spirit transition, she facilitated a release of grief, energy & intention that opened up many layers of awareness & connection in me. She guided me in creating an ancestral altar that I can turn to for calling in all my ancestors who are well, and are able to support me in moving through my life with all its losses & struggles. This opening up of ancestral communication in myself could only have been supported by Natalie and her profoundly intuitive connection with the Spirit, and for that I am immensely grateful to her.  – Shalini Rao

Photo by: Natalie

Cost for this offering is

$222 USD + Stripe/PayPal Fee

* Non-refundable

This includes the Ancestral Support Prep Call and the Ancestral Support Ritual. Once you schedule your Ancestral Support Ritual you will receive a link in your confirmation email that will guide you to schedule the Prep Call. Please make sure you give yourself enough time and space on the day of the ritual to be able to ease into your integration. The ritual itself can last anywhere from 2-4 hours and you will want to be able to have time to rest, drink water, journal, or anything else that will support a kind and gentle integration.

If this ritual calls to you and you want to connect with me to ask any questions you may have, please book a free exploratory session or you can email me if that works best for you. We will connect for 30 minutes over the phone and I’ll answer any questions you may have.

I continue to dream of a time on this Earth when we will once again have healthy relationships with our ancestors, when all the traumas of the past will be healed and when we return to living in harmony with all of live. May it be so!

She walks in beauty
With every step she takes
She walks in beauty
With every breath she makes

She walks in beauty
Flowers blossom with each step 
She walks in beauty
Watered by the tears she has wept

She walks in beauty
Everywhere she goes
She walks in beauty
Harmony always follows 

Art and Poem by: Natalie

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