A Journey to Reclaim Ancestral Wisdom

Welcome to this sacred village space! Our intention for this journey to support you in reclaiming your ancestral inheritance, the wisdom, the beauty, and the medicine of your lineage. This is a journey that is rooted in community and you are invited to join us as we transform the traumas embedded in our lineages and create new beauty and life together.

Art by Natalie Zacharias, 2023

A Message from Natalie & Orlando

Ancestral healing has played a major role in my healing journey. When I was in my early 20s I started noticing patterns within my extended family that made me curious about where they originated from. These patterns were destructive and toxic and it seemed so obvious to me that some trauma occurred somewhere in my lineage and these patterns are the result of those unhealed wounds. It was following that intuitive feeling that led me down the path of ancestral healing practices and over the years I can see how much of an impact it has made not only in my life, but the culture of my family. I am inspired by these transformations and want to share this gnosis with those who are also wanting to heal the wounds of their lineages for future generations. I pray that those that feel the spark within their hearts will join us on this journey. I send my love to you and your ancestors from me and mine.

~ Natalie Rani Marie

Because I hold family to a high regard, healing the relationship with our ancestors is not only healing past family patterns, it’s a way to honor those before me and make room for an improved and healed version of my lineage through me.  Healing our family lineage is healing everything that has to do with oneself, with our parents, siblings, their children and how they show up in the world.  It’s the family’s way of showing up in the world.  Healing my ancestors as I see it, is freeing the energetic ghosts of their unrealized dreams and aspirations.  It’s remembering that their DNA runs through mine and that I can support them, myself and anyone connected to me through this important work.  It is also a way for them to support me as I navigate through the challenges I encounter.  Healing our relationship with our ancestors is loving our family, ourselves and when healed our relationship to all which includes our nourishing mother earth.

~ Orlando

The Intention

The intention behind this offering stems from the experiences Natalie and Orlando have had through their journeys both in their own healing and through holding space for others. There is a deep calling and need for folks to not only explore the trauma that has been passed down through the generations but also reclaim the treasures of the past. Our ancestral lineages hold so much wisdom for us to navigate the times we are living in and so many folks are cut off from that knowledge. This prayer we are holding for you on this journey is for you to strengthen your relationship with your ancestors in a grounded and healthy way, for you to explore the roles that the trauma and resiliency of your ancestors have unknowingly been effecting the way you experience the world, and learn ways to be a healthy future ancestor.

Who is this program for?

– Folks who are wanting to change the culture of their family
– Are interested in working with their ancestors while working with plant medicines/psychedelics
– Those who are wanting to be in community with like-minded people
– Those curious about ancestral rituals and ceremonies
– Those who are wanting to deepen in their healing journey
– Those who feel overwhelmed with what’s happening in their lives and are looking for support
– Families going through challenges and/or wanting support with family traumas
– Professional helpers like therapists, doctors, coaches and support people
– Facilitators of emotional and mental health wanting to increase their understanding of healing with the ancestors
– Those wanting to explore themselves through their family lineage

The Journey

We will be gathering together on Zoom for 10 weeks starting on Sept. 11th, 2023. Each gathering will be for two hours and your active participation is welcomed. Each meeting will be on Monday from 7pm-9pm EST (4pm – 6pm PST). Along with our meetings we will also be giving you a workbook for you to use to go deeper with the teachings, practices and tools you can integrate into your life, and so much more.

Themes we will dive into during our time together:

  • Restorative Practices- How can we apply them to the ways we gather with one another
  • Exploring how is conflict dealt with in your family and finding new ways to be with it
  • What does it mean to decolonize? What are the impacts of colonization on your lineage?
  • Living in reciprocity with one another and all of life
  • Practices to support the healing of generational trauma
  • Reclaiming ancestral practices
  • Creating an ancestral altar and the practice of making offerings
  • Plant, animal, elemental, mineral, galactic allies. What role to psychedelics play in our healing journeys?
  • The importance of honoring grief
  • Family Systems Therapy practices
  • Creating healthy boundaries with immature family members and learning practices to heal from those relationships
  • Forgiveness practices
  • Genogram Exercise and how that can support our ancestral healing journey

“Generational trauma refers to the transmission of the emotional and psychological wounds experienced by a previous generation to the next generation. It can manifest in many forms, including depression, anxiety, addiction, and relationship problems. Examples of such traumas include genocide, war, slavery, or other forms of oppression. These traumas can be passed down through family systems and cultural narratives, often without conscious awareness.”

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. (2019). Healing Generational Trauma: A Guide for Families, Communities, and Organizations. https://www.samhsa.gov/sites/default/files/healing-generational-trauma-families-communities-organizations.pdf


Cost to join: $500- $900 Sliding scale + 3% processing fee
Payment plans are available

Non-refundable $100 deposit to hold your space

Registration opens: June 1, 2023

Registration closes: July 15, 2023

The Journey begins: September 11, 2023

We will be donating 10% of all payments to the Navajo Water Project

As we will teach in this journey, living in reciprocity is so important for those wanting to heal. We are supporting this organization because we believe in their mission and values. Water is life. Water is our ancestor. We all need access to clean water so we can survive. If you want to learn more about the Navajo Water Project, please click on the link above.

Our Guides on the Journey

Natalie Rani Marie Zacharias

Natalie is passionate about holding space for transformative healing, helping people reconnect with Spirit, continuing to learn, teaching others tools and knowledge to support themselves, and giving gratitude for the gift of Life. Over the past 20 years, she has learned a lot about the healing arts from healers and teachers from different lineages around the world. Natalie graduated with her Bachelors in Psychology in 2008. She started working full time at a corporate job but continued to feel more drawn to the healing arts.  She completed her Reiki Master certification in 2014 in the White Light Reiki lineage. After spending 6 years working in the corporate setting, she decided to pursue a Master’s in Transpersonal Psychology. She was specifically looking for the ways in which Psychology and Spirituality intersect and integrate. This led her to pursue her Master’s at the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco, CA where she completed her degree in Integral Counseling Psychology in 2017. Throughout her time in graduate school she was introduced to different indigenous and spiritual teachers outside of the classroom who taught her the importance of remembering our connection to all life and opened her eyes to the medicine she carries. They encouraged her to take a less traditional route and thus, Tending Your Spirit was born. She completed her certification for The Emotion Code® in March, 2019 taught by Dr. Bradley Nelson. In 2021, she completed her training with the Òran an Rìbhinn: The Venusian Song Certification Program facilitated by Liv Mokai Wheeler and she’s currently enrolled in O Ceò Naomh From Sacred Mist : A Priestess Training taught by Liv Mokai. Natalie has studied with Liv Mokai Wheeler and the Kontomblé as her main spiritual teachers since 2016. While studying with Liv Mokai, she has supported community as a member of the Earth’s Amulet team and has been a pillar of support on many healing journeys around the world, including Mongolia, Panama, Japan, and various retreats in the USA, along with many virtual ceremonies and rituals with people from all walks of life. Natalie has felt deeply honored to be invited to support community in these spaces and has learned so much because of those initiations. Liv Mokai and the Kontomblé have taught her the importance of ancestral healing and the many rituals that can be done to support them. Through Tending Your Spirit, she has conducted online and in-person programs focusing on supporting people reclaiming their sovereignty, finding their voice, navigating conflict, learning about daily energy clearing practices, learning deeper lessons about discernment, and she continues to hold space for individual and group healing work utilizing all the tools she carries in her medicine bag.

Natalie loves to continue learning and studying the many different ways we can heal and remember who we truly are. She relates to sessions with her clients as their own sacred healing ceremonies and creates a safe ritual container for each session. She sees healing as a way for all of us to clear out the density that trauma creates in our beings and rediscover the true essence of our souls by reconnecting with our hearts and bravely living from that space. She believes in the power of healing both individually and in community. She loves to hold space for the “shadow” aspects of ourselves that most people tend to turn away from. She knows how powerful it can be when we go through the darkness to discover the light within. If you want to learn more about her work you can checkout http://www.tendingyourspirit.com and the Tending Your Spirit Youtube channel.

Orlando Búo Zúñiga

My personal healing journey began early in life with many questions about my upbringing between Mexico and the U.S., living with two cultures, two languages, two different worlds really.  I didn’t resonate fully with any of the cultures and began to explore my own values and practices.  It was clear to me that I was different from everyone in my family, my community and even my species at times.  I felt alien early in life, resulting in issues that overwhelmed me and allowed my shadow self to emerge fully in my 20s.  After one of the most significant dark nights of my soul, I came back to my light self in my 30s.  Tools that helped me grow and heal include prayer, mediation, dream analysis, tarot, astrology, numerology, music, breathwork, energy healing, psychotherapies, psychedelics to name a few.  Having found a community of other magical beings, I began to feel resonance and support for an ever-evolving transformational self that continues to unfold.

When the illuminated-self began to emerge from the shadows, I returned to my original intent of psychology and spirituality, where I have been practicing spiritual psychotherapy for more than a decade now.  My personal spiritual journey continues to merge with a holistic health practice and has evolved into an artistic and grounded support for myself and my community.  I have learned and continue to learn from multiple medical doctors, medicine people, shamans, mystics, spiritual teachers, and holistic health professionals, integrating these teachings into my overall practice personally and professionally.  I continue to learn that we are pure consciousness experiencing form, where we vacillate between formlessness and form.

Please find more about me and my work at http://www.transformatherapy.com

In service,


Orlando Zúñiga, LMFT

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